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Three Wooden Crosses

My mother reminded me that i had not posted for a while. I didn't realize it had been so long; it seems like just last Sunday when I posted. Along with our work we have also been trying to go through the process of acquiring our work visa. We will be traveling to Kampala this weekend to hopefully go through the last step of the process on Monday. Please pray for us on this trip, for God's grace. There are three documents that we need to process, probably at three different places. Samuel, who was with the choir tour last time, will be guiding us through the process.

We purchased a vehicle. Praise God! This has been more handy than we had imagined. We only wanted something to haul tools and get us from one end of the village to the other quickly. It has been very useful when James needs to go get supplies. The nearest town for materials is 30 minutes away by car. We are not brave enough to drive by ourselves, but a driver can drive him in our car when there are no Helping Hands vehicles available. We have been driving to the end of the dirt road to a community called Mawyo. I am not sure that is spelled correctly, but they have some fruit, vegetables, bread, and eggs. It is really nice to be able to go when we run short on things.

From James: Here at the Village I have many projects. One of those is to stand three crosses at the prayer garden. The crosses are 18 ft. tall and very heavy. When it came time to stand them, I got some help from some of the locals, one of whom was Muslim. We stood them up, poured cement around the base, and leveled them. He stepped back and said, "It is good." as he looked up at the cross in the center. I wondered if he knew the real meaning of the center cross. I know that people have been talking to him about Christ and what He died for. Then I remembered the verse that says, "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase." I Corinthians 3:6. That tells me that we need to plant the seed, and God will do the rest to bring him to the Lord.

A few Sundays ago this same man was at the Village of Eden church. Please pray that he will be persuaded. He is a very nice guy, and we all love him.

We were at the practice for the Children's choir last Saturday, and Annette was on the front row practicing. As soon as I went over to her to take her picture, she was grinning. This is a video of the practice. Annette is the one out front in the video on the left.

These are some boys being silly. The one on the left has followed James around many times. He will say, "Jam-ez, Jam-ez, Jam-ez" over and over and over. I guess he likes saying the name. He's too cute.

This is a little girl who came up to us at Esangalo. James was talking to the welder about a project on which he was working. I was playing with the children. :-)

Below are some other children who are trying to see the practice going on inside the church.

This is the view from our favorite spot in the prayer garden. It is nice to go and sit; it's peaceful and quiet.

We continue to thank God for each and every one of you. We love you!

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