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Please pray for my uncle, Olan Connell.  He had his gallbladder out a while back and he is having a hard time eating.  I know a lot of people have problems after gallbladder surgery, but it is so hard for them to eat.  Please pray for him.  Brenda

Update on Aunt Glenda Faye from Sheri.  Good day yesterday, good night last night, good day today... so far.... Hopefully get out of the ICU by the end of the week.  God is Good!  Thanks Peggy

My best friend / sister from high school, Crystal Sexauer, who is also from Ohio, has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer and we're just not sure how it's going to turn out.  There are some circumstances that they have to figure out before they can do any surgery, so it could be either way.  I know it's in God's hands and he will do as He sees necessary.  I just ask that you would please keep her in your prayers for peace and not a lot of pain.

She gave her life to Christ about 3 years ago, one afternoon at Flat Creek with Brother Mickey and myself, so I know that God has her in his hands.  I saw a great difference in her.  She went back to Ohio, found herself a church, and has been going ever since.  Dink


Jonathan Exum will be moved tomorrow to Tallahassee.

Please pray for my brother, Gary Jones, from Vandalia, Ohio.  He was taken by ambulance this morning to hospital with trouble breathing.  They tested and he has COVID.  Tyler, his son, went to see him this morning and found him, so he call EMT.  Please pray for God to intervene.  I thank you for your prayers in advance.  Dink


Please pray for Sara Matthew's mother.  She has a blood clot in her lung.  Thank you.  Carolyn Hogan


Another update from this morning on Glenda Faye Bailey:  She is awake and alert.  Seems better but had atrial fibrillation all night.  Wanted coffee and breakfast.

Update on Glenda Faye Bailey:  Surgery went well.  She had 3 aneurysms.  They repaired the one that was bleeding.  They will address the other two spots at a later time.  She had a good morning yesterday, but by the afternoon she wasn't doing as good.  I haven't heard anything yet on how she did last night.  I'm sure it's going to be rough for the next few days, even if all goes well. She will be staying in Jacksonville at least 14-21 days.  


Please pray for Lucy Goforth.  She was life flighted to Augusta today with breathing problems.

Would you please put my Aunt, Glenda Faye Bailey, on the prayer chain?  She has been life flighted to the Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.  She has a 4mm aneurysm with a brain bleed, and they are taking her in for surgery as soon as she gets there.  Also pray for Uncle Braxton, Sheri, and the rest of the family.  Thank you.  Love you!         Peggy Rowan


Please pray for a friend/co-worker, Lisa.  She is having a heart cath this Thursday morning @ 7:30.  She has already had stints and the doctor is saying the bottom part of her heart is not working.  She works a LOT of hours @ 2 jobs.  She doesn't have a lot of family.  Thank you for praying.  Ree


Please pray for Betty Peters.  She broke her hip and has been in rehab.  Starting to heal.  Pray soon she can put weight on it and get back home.

UPDATE:  PA just called and said we are delaying transfer to Tallahassee for Jonathan because Tallahassee hospital said he has to be fever free for 48 hours.

Update from Mary:  Jonathan Exum still doing good with trach collar.  Physical therapy came and did some exercise on him, but Jonathan is still weak so he falls asleep.  He is still spiking fevers but that's probably still the pneumonia but redoing cultures just to be sure.  He is off all medication besides blood thinners, antibiotics and little bit of pain meds because he lets them know he is in a little bit of pain.  She did say early today he was a lot more alert and tries to talk but she tells him he has that trach in and it's difficult to do that, but he does let them know yes or no other ways.  He has made good steps.  All his critical care needs are met and still on the track to move to Tallahassee tomorrow.  I am so thankful for all who have been there for us and the continued prayers.  Mostly thankful for God.  He has been a healer and listens when I sometimes think he doesn't..  Pray for smooth trip tomorrow everyone.


Please add Donnie Sumner to the prayer chain.  He is in Tifton hospital with heart issues.  Thanks. Faye Hogan


Please pray for Carlo Pellacio.  Received a prayer request from him.  He said tendonitis has set up in his ankle again.  He is in a lot of pain.  Please pray for him.


Update of Gritt:

We are going home!  At some point today we will be heading back to Pearson with our healthy baby boy!

I'm just as grumpy as Gritt about this part, but we will not be able to have any visitors for a while.  Once we do, we will have to be extra cautious (hand washing, no kissing, etc).  Gritt can contract RSV again and any type of infection or illness triggers his SVT episodes.  We are focused on keeping him safe and know everyone difficult as it is to not be able to squeeze him just yet.


I received this prayer request from the church website.

Please pray for me as I continue to pray for my daughter, Hannah, for a sudden, abundant restoration of her relationship with Caleb.  Pray for complete healing of their hearts and a second chance for a lifelong, God-centered relationship.  Thank you, Lisa.

Please continue to pray for Marlin Giddens.  He is home.  Hi will not be able to see his doctor again until next Thursday unless they call him.  He does not know his test results.  His mother, Jacqueline, is having a heart ablation June 7th in Macon.  Please continue to pray for both of them.  Brenda


I am having a colonoscopy this morning.  Pray that everything goes well.  Christine Bryan

Please add Brian McGhee to our prayer chain, not sure what is need is but he needs our prayers.  Thanks.


Posted at 1 pm on Facebook today by Debbie Giddens:

Update on Marlin Giddens.  He is still very swollen and PB is higher than before all of this but much better than two days ago.  Of course he has lots of sodium restrictions and meds to get used to.  Please continue to pray for normal kidney function and complete healing.  He came home today.


Jonathan is doing much better.  They did the surgery to remove the clot.  If he continues to stay stable they will move him to a rehab facility to wean him off the vent.  They have told Mary his is not testing positive for Covid anymore and she can come see him.


Please pray for Nell Chivers.  She has a terrible toothache.  She is in a lot of pain.  Brenda


Please remember the family of Linda Booth Rowan.  She passed away last night.

Please continue to pray for Marlin Giddens.  They sent him to Atlanta to do some test but they can't do them bc his blood pressure is too high.  Keep praying healing over his kidneys.


Please pray for Vinson and Jessie's daughter, Danielle.  They took her to Tifton to the hospital.  They don't know if it is her appendix or something else.  Please pray for her.

Also, remember Jessie's mama, Shirley.  She has bronchitis and a sinus infrection.  Brenda

Please pray for Gritt Gaskins.  He is the son of Trebor and Jenna Gaskins.  He is 8 weeks old and has RSV and pneumonia.  He is also having SVTs.  Early this morning his lung collapsed, and they moved him to ICU.  He has a chest tube to remove the air from his chest.  He is in critical but stable condition.  Please pray specifically for his lungs to heal and the medicine will control his SVT episodes.  Thanks, Andrea Davis



Mrs. Jeanette Cain got to go home from the hospital today.  Praise the Lord..please continue to pray for her.  Brenda


Please pray for Mrs. Jeanette Kane.  She is Melba Germany's sister.  She has a diseased colon and has been passing blood.  She has been in the hospital for a while.  Please pray for her.

Please pray for my Aunt Pam Perry.  She is having surgery for a bowel blockage.  Judy Rutherford


Please pray for Marlon Giddens.  He's in the hospital and needs prayer.

Update on Jonathan Exum:

Jonathan has a massive blood clot. It goes all the way up his leg into his belly.  They are going to do a better scan to see if they are going to have to do a thrombectomy to get it, but may see that the scan shows there is no need for surgery, and they can treat with medication.  Other than that he is doing good.  Still getting aggravated when they bother him.  Everyone please pray!

Update on Tim Roberts:

He got the vent off yesterday and is doing good.  They will keep him to get pneumonia cleared up.  God is good!  Just continue to pray for him!  I'm thankful for all the prayers from everyone!  Barbara Dasher


Please pray for Jill Gainey.  She has stage four breast cancer.  She is Kevin Leonard's sister.

Prayer warriors, please keep praying for Brnden.  Today they will get results from biopsies taken the other day.  Praying for no weapon formed against him to prosper and complete healing!  Thanks for praying!



Update on Brenden Wheeler.  Rheumatologist told them he does not have lupus...Praise the Lord.  They also sd Megan Tennison Edwards' levels from her liver were almost perfect.  We thank you, Lord Jesus, and give you all the praise... in Jesus Name Amen.

Please pray for Frances Tucker.  She is having issues with her liver.

Update on Jonathan.  Doctor was going to take him off the ECMO machine today which is real good!!!

But they are having to put a longer tube for the tracheostomy (that's the vent) because there is air going out around one side and that's causing an air pocket.  Going to release some air trapped by doing small incisions on each side.  They are going to give him a few more days on the ECMO machine, not sure how long he will be on vent.  He is awake some and following commands. Can't talk because of trach being down his throat, but I asked doctor what his saturation was, and she said when he relaxed it's in the low 90s and when bothering him it's 80s.  That is a lot better from when he was in Valdosta.  It was in the 30s/40s on just vent.  From Mary Exum.


Please pray for the family of Mel Blount.  She passed away.

Pam Joiner's surgery is over.  Doctor said it all went good!!  Praise the Lord.  Now please pray for a speedy recovery.


Please pray for John Fiskeaus family.  He died from injuries in auto accident.


Please pray for Sarah Frances Dykes.  Her daughter just called and said they were probably going to put her in the hospital with her legs...they are red and swollen especially her left leg.  Please pray for her.  Brenda


Update:  They are sending him to Emory.

Doctors are trying to find a hospital that has an ecmo machine that has an open bed to take Jonathan.  Thank you for the prayers.



Please remember Jonathan Exum. He is now in ICU but has not been put on the vent.  Lift him and his family up in prayer.

Please remember to pray for the family of Matthew Webb.  Katie Harnage


Please put Mama, Paula Marshall, on prayer chain.  Found out she has rare blood cancer.  Heather Kieon

Please pray for Brenden Wheeler.  He is in Augusta hospital.  Having a colonoscopy today around noon.


UPDATE :  Jonathan Exum now has double pneumonia in both lungs.  He is still having trouble keeping oxygen levels stable.  We know our God is mighty.  Please continue to pray for his healing.  Pray for the girls, Mary, Frankie, and all the family.  It is so hard not being there for them.

Please pray for Betty Peters.  She fell and broke her hip, had surgery, and is in BNC for rehab.


Please remember the family of Dale Hancock.  He's my 1st cousin.  His funeral is tomorrow.  Jana Williams

Please remember the family of Melissa Green Naas.  She passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.  Hope Mullis

Please continue to pray for Jonathan Exum.  He is still in the hospital with covid and pneumonia.  He is not worse but not better.  Remember his wife, Mary, and mother, Frankie.  They both have covid.  Brenda


Please say a prayer for Brenden Wheeler this morning.  He is in a lot of pain.  Waiting on call from doctor.


Please pray for Toni's step aunt, Geretha Greer, who lives in Tennessee.  She had cancer in her pancreas, and it has spread to her liver and kidneys.  Hospice will start her care tomorrow.  Pray for healing and comfort for her and her family.  Thanks in advance.  Johnny

Please put my daughter, Mackenzie on the prayer list.  She has surgery tomorrow, but we know she is in God's hands.  Heather Kieon

Please pray for Lita Rowan and her family.  Her father passed away.    Arnold Rowan

Please pray for Jonathan Exum.  He is in South GA Medical with covid and pneumonia.  He is not good.  Oxygen levels keep fluctuating.

They told Sister Nell Chivers her mitral valve leak hadn't gotten any worse, and they didn't think she needed surgery now.  They are sending her to a lung doctor about her shortness of breath.  Please pray for her.


Please pray for Brenden Wheeler who is 11.  He has bacteria and a parasite in his colon.  He has lupus.  They have to get intestine healed before he can see the doctor about his lupus.  Pray for his healing.

Please pray for Penny Powell.  She is Frances Tucker's sister-in-law.  She has lupus and Addington's disease.

Please put my friends, Elizabeth and Jimmy Lamb, on the prayer chain.  They lost their 11 year old daughter Sunday in a horrible accident.  Please remember them.  They need all the prayers they can get.  Thank you. Dink


Please pray for my nana Vivian Stone.  She was admitted to Shands hospital this morning with some serious health problems.  Chelsea Stone

Prayer Update for Melba Germany:  Dr increased her BP med.  Said that should solve the problem.  Thank you for prayers.  God has done it again.   Bro. Ralph


Please pray for the family of Johniette Sizemore.  She passed away Friday.  She will be missed.   Brenda


Please pray for Don Chivers.  He is having some problems with his throat and since he has had cancer, he gets very concerned.  Pray for healing and peace over Don.    Brenda

Melba is having trouble with blood pressure, very high, dangerously low.  She needs God's help.  Join us in prayer.  We both love you and God.  Ralph, Sr.


Please pray for Maegan Tennison and her baby.  She has been diagnosed with cholestasis which is a serious liver problem that can affect her or her 28 week old baby.  She is on her way to the hospital.  Your prayers are much appreciated!  Angie Cornelius

Please remember the families of Chrisie Osborne and Rose Spurlock.


Please pray for Sharon Studstill Lewis and her husband, Billy.  She has inoperable brain cancer and neuropathy.  She has been taking radiation treatments and considering other options.  Pray for healing but most of all pray that God's will be done in her life.  Sharon taught middle school at Berrien and Hahira.  Thanks in advance, Johnny.


From Hope:  Mel's close friend, Toby Hobbs, passed away.  He'd had a heart attack last week and a couple stents were put in.  Please pray for his family and friends.

His Memorial Service Details:

Location:  Statenville Church of God

129 Church of God St

Statenville, GA 31648

Time:  Noon Saturday, April 10, 2021

Nell Chivers asked us to pray for a friend of hers and her husband.  Their names are Dorothy and Eddie Strickland.  Their house burned.  Please pray for them.  I am not sure where they live.  Brenda


Christy had a bad night.  She was put on a ventilator around 5:00  this morning.  Dr. says she is stable and oxygen levels are now good.  Working today to have her transferred somewhere with some specialty equipment. (ECMO machine)


UPDATE ON LOUDELL NIX:  Surgery went well, no complications.  They will probably haver her getting out of bed tomorrow and starting to walk if she is still doing good.  Dr. Kendrick said she'll need to start moving around as soon as possible.  Please continue to pray for her!  Thanks and love you all, Peggy Rowan.

Please pray for Loudell Nix.  She fell again yesterday and broke her femur.  She's scheduled to have surgery late this afternoon.


Please everyone say a prayer for Jimmy McMillan (Barry's brother).  He has a really bad kidney infection, and they're saying there's a possibility it could turn septic.


Please pray for Nell Chivers.  She is having her echocardiogram tomorrow.  Please be in prayer for her.  Brenda 

Please pray for Christy Osborne.  She is currently in ICU with bilateral pneumonia.  The sickness is putting a strain on her heart.  Please also lift up her family: Dan, Lori, Megan, and Carrie Ann.           Ollene Osborne


Please pray for Ashley Bruce.  She has a kidney stone that can't pass.  She is in a LOT of pain.  Thanking you for all prayers & God for answering.  Katie Harnage

Please pray for Ronnie Gaskins, Jodi Hogan and Patrick Gaskins' dad.  He was in a bad tractor accident.  Thanks for all your prayers for him and his family.  Lynn Morris


Please pray for James.  He has been extremely tired and out of breath.  The doctors have determined that his hemoglobin is very low.  They are now trying to determine why.  We know God is in control and has a purpose.  Judy Rutherford


Please pray for Jackie and Scott Hancock and their granddaughter, Peyton.  Peyton's mother, Alyssa (Jackie's daughter), passed away today.  Not sure what happened, but I know Peyton is devastated as they have no family there.   Scott and Jackie live in Cordele.    Vickie Shoupe


Please pray for my niece, Vada Odum.  She is now 8 weeks old and was admitted into the hospital Weds afternoon with a fever and vomiting.  They cannot figure out what is causing the fever.  They did get her fever down yesterday but it spiked again during the night. Please pray for her and that the doctors can figure out what is going on and for her parents.  They are struggling.  Thank you! Tracy Kent


Please pray for my niece, Vada Odom.  She is now 8 weeks old and was admitted into the hospital Weds afternoon with a fever and vomiting.  They cannot figure out what is causing the fever.  They did get her fever down yesterday but it spiked again during the night.  Please pray for her and that the doctors can figure out what is going on and for her parents. They are struggling.  Thank you!  Tracy Kent


Please pray for my sister, Lisa Fales. She went to the ER with high blood pressure and hurting In her chest.  Her test came back good but they're going to keep her overnight and do a stress test. Her chest has eased off and blood pressure has come down. Hope Mullis 


Nell chivers sd Doctor Evans , the heart doctor, sd he wanted to do his own echo cardiagram. He sd the results of the other two she had done other places varied way too much and he couldn't make a decision about anything based on those results.  Please continue to pray for her and pray for healing.  Brenda  


Please pray Amelia, she is a daughter of a friend, she was a passenger in car accident and had surgery on her back. Please pray for full recovery. She is very sweet teenager. Carolyn Hogan  


Sarah Frances got a good report on her colonoscopy.  No cancer.  Praise the Lord!!!


Please pray for Sarah Frances Dykes.  She is having a colonoscopy tomorrow as a check up.  Please remember her.  Brenda.