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March 21, 2020

My son and daughter in law, Kyle and Tia Adams, has been battling infertility

issues for 10 years. They have prayed for a baby and their prayers have finally

been answered. They are adopting a new born. Except now they have had a couple

setbacks. The lawyer they was using led them to believe everything was on track and

all they had to do was file the paperwork. Today they was informed that they needed

a lawyer that practiced in Ga and Alabama that was ICPC complacent. And has to come

up with $25,000.00. They have some but the are needing about $15,000 more.

They were so excited thinking they was going to bring their baby home in June.

Will you please keep them in your prayers and put this on the prayer chain.

We are all devastated about this. Thank you.

Much Love,

Beth Adams



virus is highly contagious and we do not want to

pass it along to the elderly or those with weak immune

systems. Services will be on Mixlr at 11 Sunday.

Please continue to pray forone another and those

affected by the virus.

Please pray for Jackie Spicer's mother, Joneal Fales. She is a

3 year cancer survivor. She had a biopsy  and things did not

look right. Went to doctor this morning for results. She has

trouble remembering things. Pray for Jackie and her siblings

as they make decisions. 

We will not have Sunday School tomorrow March 15 but 

will have church at 11. Also will have Children's Church.

Please pray for Loudell Nix. She is really sick with congestion.

Please pray for Shirley Harrell. She will have heart surgery

on Monday.

Please pray for Jonna and Dale Exum's grandson Parker. He

hurt his neck on the trampoline and was taken to Macon and

then Atlanta. He has torn ligament on C3 and C4 vertebrae. He 

will be good but has to wear a brace for six weeks.

Please pray for Eileen Rowan. Her dementia has really gotten 

worse in the last few weeks. Amy and her family really need prayers.

Please pray for Faye King. She has stage 4 colon cancer and they

have given her 3 months to live. Pray for salvation also.

Please pray for Wayne and Bea Roberts and their family. His 

daughter Rhea passed away.

Please pray for Rick Slater. He is in hospital and kidney

and liver functions are not well.

Please pray for Sandy Rowan. She had another spell

yesterday and was taken to Tifton. This morning they

have taken her to ICU.

Please pray for Steve Pruitt from North Carolina. He had

a heart attack. Friend of Gary and Bonnie Hand.

Please pray for the family of Hansel Paschal. He passed

away yesterday morning. He was the pastor of Little Block

Holiness Church in Ray City.  His family and church family

need a lot of love and prayers. 

Please pray for Jenny and Denny McClellan. They were in

a bad accident. She is in Tifton but he was taken to Macon.

He has several broken ribs, a broken leg and some fluid

buildup around his lungs.

Continue to pray for Beryl Rowe. She has had sinusitis this


Jerri Bradford ask prayer for a friend that needs a lot of

healing of the heart prayers in the days to come.

Please pray for Donald Vaughn. He is at Shands and has a

brain tumor. Surgery will be today at 8:15. Pray all goes well

and for his family also.

Please pray for Brenda Grimes' eye. The covering of the white

of her eye has loosened. Eyes were extremely dry. Gave her drops

for it. Pray the drops work and her eye heals.

Pray for Homer Brown. He fell and hit his head and has bleeding

on both frontal lobes of his brain.

Continue to pray for Sarah Bristol's family. Her grandmother passed


Please pray for Richard and Linda Rowe. They are both in

SGMC. He had a stroke a few weeks ago and she was put in


Please pray for Arnold Rowan's sister Vickey. The Lord knows

all about it.

Remember Sharon Rowe's family. She passed away last night.

Her daughters are devastated. She was Mrs. Beryl's daughter in law.

Please pray for Mel's uncle, Glen David Balliet. He has been pretty

sick in the hospital but seems to be improving some. He is have a

pacemaker put in today. Please pray all goes well and the Lord

will touch his heart through this. Hope

Please pray for Jeff and Sherry Robinson from Omega. The have a lot

going on right now it's just in God's hands.

Please pray for Kim Collins. He had surgery to remove a toe. He is

diabetic. My co-worker's husband. Brenda

Prayers for Buddy Exum this morning. He is having heart

surgery in Jacksonville. Also pray for Kylen McClellan's baby

in the hospital.

Please continue to pray for Brenden Wheeler. He was taken

off meds until he goes back to doctor and he is having a hard

time- mentally and physically. Continuing to pray God's healing

hand will touch him. Prayers for parents too.

Pray for Christin Monroy, Irene Kent's granddaughter. She has

found a lump in her breast. Will be going for an ultrasound.

Pray for Sharon Rowe and family. She is in critical condition.

Continue to remember Mrs. Beryl Rowe. Much of her cancer

is gone, Liver is clear, lymph nodes clear, faint evidence  in 

breast and bones. Praise God. He is answering prayers.

Continue to pray for Sarah Bristol's grandmother and her family.

Prayers for Jerry Mullis. Drs. believe he had a stroke.

Please pray for Harry Sutton's family. He passed away.

Please pray for Brenden Wheeler. He is 8 years old.

He has had stomach problems since he was younger. 

They went to Augusta last Friday for testing. Doctors think

he could have Celiac disease, blockage or Chroms but we are

claiming neither one in the name of Jesus.

Please pray for Breman Rudeseal. He had a massive heart

attack and is on life support in Tifton. Tried to take off vent

but hasn't been successful so far. Did EEG today.

Continue to pray for Peggy Rowe. She is very weak.


Please pray for Stephanie Nelson. She is in ICU and needs prayer.

Remember her husband and 3 children as well.

I had this request emailed to me. Keep this young man in your

prayers:   Dear prayer Team, Please pray for my son John who is 17 and is very angry with God.  Please pray that the Lord blesses him with a spirit of strength and assurance and replaces his spirit of anxiety and fear.  Please pray that God blesses John with a peace that surpasses all understanding and that he would come to know the love and heart of Jesus.  Thank you

Please pray for Sammy Pelaccio. He was life flighted to Thomasville last

night and had surgery for a hematoma on his brain. He came thru

surgery good. Will be sedated for a few days. Remember Carlos too.

Pray for Mrs. Lonie Bell Gilbert's family. She went home to be with

Jesus yesterday. Her funeral will be Friday at 2 p.m. at Lovein Funeral

Home. Visitation is Thursday from 6-8 p.m.

Pray for family of Loren Anderson. He was killed in accident on 


Pray for Ruth Ann Camp, Sarah Bristol's grandmother. They

think she had a stroke.

Pray for John Carroll. He is in hospital with congestive heart failure.

Pray he can be home for Christmas.

Please pray for Jennifer and Kylon Fort's son Bruce. He had a high

temp with flu and his blood sugar was 250. They took him to Macon.

Fever was down today and sugar had come down some. 

Please pray for J. T. Nix. He will be having surgery tomorrow.

Please pray for Sharon Roberts Rowe. She is in Tifton hospital.

Found a mass on her lungs. Seriously ill. Doing more tests.

Continue to pray for Steve McMillan. His brain surgery was

successful but they did find out he had a stroke after his

surgery. He is now in rehab for about two weeks.

Please pray for Don and Nell Chivers. He goes tomorrow to

oncologist to see about radiation for prostrate cancer.

Please pray for Bobby Rice. The building they were tearing down

collapsed. He was caught under the debris and it crushed both

his feet. Doing surgery on the worst foot today and go back in

a few weeks to repair the other.

Please pray for Peggy Rowe. She is in SGMC. Badly dehydrated

and losing blood. Low hemoglobin.

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