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Please pray for Mr. Bobby Rowan. He had his
gallbladder removed today. He is doing well
but will have a procedure tomorrow to remove
stones from the bile duct.

Please pray for the family of Dustin White from
Fitzgerald. He was
killed in an auto accident last night.

Please pray for Angie and Rodney's grandson
Seth. He has RSV and is really sick. Also, Angie
has recovered from Covid but Rodney has
headache and nausea.

Please pray for Chris Hughes.  They found a 
tumor in his lung. Will have an MRI Wed.
Cheryl Hughes' son.

Please pray for Gary Hand. He goes tomorrow
to oncologist for results from tests/scans and
possibly to schedule surgery.

Remember Mrs. Josephine Joyce in prayer.  Her legs
are red and swollen and breathing is shallow and

Please pray for families of Ira Shealey and Oswell

Please continue praying for Raymond Roland. He
is in Tifton on vent. Pray for kidney function to improve.

Please pray for Billy and Libby Nix. He has had a stroke
They both need our prayers.

Continue to pray for J.W. Martin. He is nine and was
run over a few weeks ago. He has had a bad week.
In a lot of pain and he can't tell them where because
of head trauma. Pray for family also.

Pray for Scott James. He has been in the hospital
several days and they can't find out what is wrong.

Continue to pray for Charles and Christine Bryan.
She has been really sick and has a bad cough.

Prayers for Vinson Gaskins. He had part of a toe

Please pray for Garry Rowan's father Bobby.  He has 
had gall bladder problems which has caused 
blockage to his liver. Doctors are trying to decide
the best options but are fighting the clock. The 
next couple days are critical. Please pray for him,
his family, and the doctors and nurses.

Please pray for Chasta Stewart. She had 
appendix surgery and has complications.
She has pneumonia and checking for an
abcess. Still in pain also. 

Please pray for Donna Decker. Back in the
hospital with her heart after having surgery
six weeks ago.

Please pray for Sherri Ritchea's mother,
Sue Bush. She fell and was taken to Tifton
hospital with possible fracture in hip.

Pray for Judy and James' friends Robert
and Olivia in Uganda. They were expecting
a baby and lost it.

Please pray for Bill and Evonne Nix.
They were in a bad accident yesterday
and she is on life support. Peggy Rowan

Please pray for Lilly Tyson. She had outpatient
surgery and had a bad reaction to antibiotics
and has been in the hospital for two weeks.
She is home but having lots of problems due 
to all the meds they gave her for the reaction
to the medication.

Please continue to pray for Randy Brown
taking cancer treatments and Teresa Dover.
She is going to Shands Tuesday. Pray she gets
in with the right doctors to get answers she

Please keep Nell Chivers in your prayers.
She had heart ablation yesterday and came
home today. Doing well. Thanks for prayers.

Susan Warren and Mike Ritchea both had
hernia surgery today. Please keep them in
your prayers as they heal.

Kortney Holbrook had all her wisdom teeth
removed today. She is doing well.

Please pray for the family of Chantell Stonecypher.

Please pray for J.W. Martin. He is 9. He was run over
by a truck and is in the hospital in Tampa. He is
sedated but they are trying to wean him off some of
the meds. Pray healing over his body and brain and for
no permanent damage. This is my sister in law Faye 
Conger's great grandson. Brenda

Nell Chivers will have a heart ablation on the 28th
in Jacksonville. Please pray this procedure works.
Also remember Don too.

Pray for my Olan Connell. They told him he is legally
blind from macular degeneration.

Pray for Judy Kelley. She is in the hospital with fluid
on her lungs.

Please pray for Gary Rowan's Aunt Ovaline. She has
bad lungs and has an upper respiratory infection.

Please pray for Hope Mullis' dad Doug. Had to call
ambulance to him because he couldn't breathe.


Please pray for Claire Dobson McMillan.
She was in a car accident yesterday. Also
remember her family. 

Remember Ron Mazzo. He had a heart attack.
Also, Huey Hancock has covid and has been 
put on the vent.

Please pray for Jimmy Fulp. He came home from
hospital this afternoon. He had pneumonia and
bronchitis. Prayers for strength for Emily also.

Please pray for John Booth. He had eyelid surgery

Please pray for Johnny Holbrook's family. His mother,
Marie Holbrook, passed away this morning.

Please pray for Angie Roberts. She has to have her
Thyroid removed. Also, Tim has to go to onocologist
to see what next step is in his treatment.

Please pray for J.T. Nix's eyesight and Sister Loudell.
They both need our prayers.


Please pray for Tim Roberts. He had a liver
biopsy this morning. His last PET scan did not
give a good report. God is still in control!

Please continue to pray for Randy Brown  as
he starts chemo tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for Terry Calloway. His
diagnosis was not good. Doctors say there is 
nothing they can do for him. Pray for his wife
and children also.

Please pray for Randy Brown. He had his port put
in Thursday and will start chemo treatments next

Please pray for Teresa Dover. She has liver cancer
and will need a transplant.

Please pray for Mr. Fred Stone. He is going next week
to see about getting a pace maker.

Chuck Bryan is doing much better. Pray the ulcers he
has heal.

Please pray for Craig and Chasta Stewart and their family.
His father passed away yesterday morning.

PLease pray for Brittney Ellis Betts. She tested postive
for Covid and is 7 months pregnant.

Oct 3
Please pray for J.L. Harper. He is on vent in Tifton
hospital. Had Covid and now his kidneys are shutting
Please pray for Lita and Arnold Rowan's family. Her
stepfather passed away this morning.

Please pray for Jackie and Dennis Williams and
Huey Hancock.