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November 13, 2019

Please pray for Barbara Williams. She had stomach surgery

this morning. Pray for peace, courage and complete healing.

Please pray for Jack Davis. He had heart surgery and is having

some problems.

Please pray for Judy Kelley. She is back in Tifton in ICU.

Please pray for Dalton Howell. He had another seizure.

He is ok. Praying it is just medicines.

Remember Toni Holbrook's family. Her uncle Herman Brown

passed away Sunday. This Lucille Hancock's baby brother.

Kim Leonard's father passed away in Jacksonville. Please pray

for her family. Also, Tracy Kent's Aunt Marcie passed away in Florida.

Sarah Bristol's uncle passed away suddenly in Tennessee Saturday.

Pray for Sharon Bush's daughter-in-law. She is 28 weeks pregnant

and has preclampsia. They are planning to take the baby at 30

weeks if they can keep her stable until then.

Please pray for Sandy Rowan. She is in Tifton hospital. Ran 

more tests. Keeping her overnight for observation.

Please pray for Mae Gaskins from Lakeland. Found out she has

cancer in her  neck and jaw.  Has been to Mayo Clinic and has

to return to discuss treatment plan. Having hard time eating.

Cousin to Ava Nell Stone.

Please continue to pray for J. T. Nix. Having more tests run and

will meet with doctor on 14th.

Please pray for Judy Rutherford's uncle, Wayne Perry. He is in

ICU and on life support. Pray also for his wife and children.

Please pray for Evelyn Griffin. She got sick at school and they took

her to Tifton hospital

Please pray for Phyllis Vickers. She is in Tifton hospital. Her kidneys

are not functioning  well.

Funeral services for Martha Chambers will be held Wednesday at 3:00

in the Chapel of Lovein Funeral Home. Interment will follow in Poplar Springs Cemetery. Visitation will be held Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Lovein Funeral Home. Please pray for this family.

Please pray for Tom Rodgers. He will be having gall bladder

surgery on Monday.

Please pray for Martha Chambers. She is in Tifton hospital.

Not doing well. She is miserable with pain. Please pray for 

healing and peace and comfort.

Please pray for Lisa McMillan.  She has pneumonia. She went

to the doctor and they gave her two shots. She has to go back

tomorrow. We need a miracle. 

Please pray for John Mikulski's 8 year old son. He is having 

seizures so bad since they removed a brain tumor. He has been

in Atlanta for at least two weeks and they have not been able to

control them.

Please pray for Carol Bullard from Adel. He had 8 bypasses today.

Sis. Nell Chivers is having a lot of pain in her back. Please pray for her.

Please pray for Jack Davis. Had open heart surgery today.

Pray for Vinson Gaskins. He had surgery on his foot and 

it is not healing well. Please pray it will heal like it should.

Please pray or J. T. Nix. He is in Tifton hospital losing blood.

They are having to give him blood.


Sis. Pat Gaskins went home to see Jesus last night. Please pray

for her family.

Please pray for Willa Mae Stone. She has an intestinal blockage

and will have surgery today.

Praises to God! Mrs. Beryl's scan came back good. No more

chemo treatments! She will be on pills now. Has a CT scan

in 30 days and then sees oncologist again. Keep praying and


Please pray for Lisa Weaver. She will have 5 bypasses in the 


PLease pray for family of Bob Fackler. He passed away tonight.

Please pray for my Daddy's sisters' (Avie Lee) family. She passed tonight also

in South Carolina. Tammy​

Pray for Tyler and Miranda Shoupe's son Attie Ray. He had tubes

in his ears today.

Pray for Tonya Morey and family. Her daughter Ashley passed

away early this morning. Jerri Bradford

Please remember the family of Catherine Rowe. She passed

away this morning. This is Brenda Grimes' aunt. Lovein will be

in charge of arrangements.

Please pray for Bryan Howell. He has a mass in his belly.

Continue to pray for Hope's brother-in-law Larry Fales. He

had an appt with a GI doctor. He's improved some but still

not well. Pray for answers and peace and for him to gain some


Please pray for Arnold Rowan's cousin Cindy. She is in ICU.

Mrs. Beryl had her scan yesterday. Please pray for great results!

Pray for Greg Shoupe. He had bronchitis last week. Seemed worse

toward end of week.

Continue to pray for Pat Gaskins and Nell Chivers.

Also pray for Beryl Rowe. She will have a scan next week.

Praying No CANCER!

Please pray for Chuck Bryan. His ladder turned while he was

pressure washing and he fell with it. Broke his tibia (large bone)

at his ankle. Got to see orthopedic surgeon hopefully tomorrow.

Please pray for Bea Roberts. She will be having eye surgery  

tomorrow in Tallahassee.

Please pray for Ashley. She has Downs. She is in ICU for congestive

heart failure, pneumonia, possible blood clot in lung, fluid build up,

She and her family needs lots of prayer.

Please pray for 3 year old Wyatt Barnes from Adel. He is in Macon

Having multiple seizures.

Pray for Kelly Boyd. Having gall bladder surgery today.

Please pray for Martha Chambers. She is in ICU in Tifton with

UTI and sepsis infection. Please pray for Kim too.

Please pray for Nelda's mother, Emma Lewis. She is in SGMC.

Found out she has a bacteria and partially collapsed lung.

Also lift up Nelda in prayer too.

Please pray for Pat Gaskins.  Her sugar has been really high

last night and today. Brenda hasn't been able to wake her

to eat.

Please pray for Al Browning's family. He passed away earlier


Praise the Lord! Stacy Bowen has no cancer in lymph nodes

which means no chemo treatments

Pray for Chaparral and all those who have lost their jobs.

Continue to pray for Lesley Perkins. She had to go back in the

hospital with high blood pressure and headaches.

Please continue to pray for Nell Chivers. Continues to have 

stomach pain.

Please pray for Dink's niece Megan Jones. She has been out of

touch with her family for four months and they cannot locate her.

Pray for Jana Williams' mother.  She is very sick.

Please pray for Stacy Bowen. He will have colon cancer 

surgery in the morning (Monday) in Tifton. Please pray

for his wife Lenore and his mother Carolyn Vaughn.

Continue to pray for Larry Fales (Hope's brother in law).

He had ups and downs over the last few days. His lower

intestines is still not functioning. He's had some severe pain

which may or may not be gas moving. He's started turning

blue, but they say his oxygen levels are normal. We're still not

sure what all is going on but they have decided to move him to

Savannah by helicopter. Please keep this family in prayer.

Praise on Tristan Ray! He is moving his feet and toes and no 

longer has a breathing tube.

Please pray for family of Jeff Luke. He went home to heaven.

His funeral is tomorrow at 3 at Lovein Funeral Home.

Please pray for Luis Tyson (Ray and Lily's son). He was coming 

home at night and hit a man in the road. The man died. He is

having a really hard time and needs lots of prayer.

Please pray for Kirbi Fulp Spires. She will have her baby girl this

morning by C-section. Please pray her blood pressure remains


Please continue to pray for Tristan Ray, He was in an accident and

is in hospital in Savannah. He was taken for an MRI yesterday to

determine his spinal injuries. He had a high temp. He did open his 

eyes and responded to commands.

Please pray for Larry Fales. He had neck surgery last week where 

they replaced a couple of disks and fused them. That went well

but he had to go back to the hospital with severe abdominal pain

a couple of days ago. They think part of his bowel is not working.

Did a CT and called a surgeon. He said surgery is a last resort

Trying to get the blockage to pass. Please pray it does and it will start

working normally. 

Good news from Mrs. Beryl. Her labs came back perfect. Dr.

wants her to take 3 more chemo treatments and then have another

scan. She will see the Dr. again in a month. She said Dr. was real

pleased with her progress. She wanted to thank everyone for 

praying for her. Please continue to pray for complete healing.

Please pray for Stacy Bowen. He has stage 3 colon cancer. He

will have surgery on Monday. Pray also for his wife Lenore and

his mother Carolyn.

Bro. Junior Bostic's visitation is tonight from 6-8 at Boone Funeral

Home in Adel. The funeral is tomorrow at 11 at the funeral home.

Burial will  be a Forrest Hill Freewill Baptist Church in Adel.

Funeral services for Bro. Frank Fletcher will be held Tuesday

at 2 PM in Flat Creek Church.  Interment will follow in the Flat

Creek Cemetery. Visitation is Monday 6-8.

Please pray for family of Frank Fletcher. He went home to see

Jesus a few hours ago. 


Please pray for Nolan. He is 17 and has been hospitalized

with bad headache and left sided weakness with numbness

and tingling.

Please pray for Stacy Bowen. He had all his teeth pulled and

is having a really rough time with it. Pray for his stepson, Cody

Lewis.  He is in the Air Force in Afghanistan. He hurt his hand

really bad. Said he might lose the use of it. Flying him to Germany

for surgery.

Please pray for Nelda Davis' mother, Emma Jean Lewis. She had 

emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer in her stomach.

Please pray for the family of Junior Bostic. He went home to be

with Jesus today.

Please continue to uphold Frank Fletcher and his family in your

prayers. He has been taken off of his medications,

Please pray for J.T. Sumner (Frances Tucker's grandson). He is really

sick. Could be the flu. Also remember Lamar Johnson from Enigma.

He has heart problems.

Please pray for Frank Fletcher. He is in ICU in Tifton with pneumonia.

Please pray for Greg Courtoy. Had accident at work today with saw and 

cut half of his hand off. He is in Gainesville in surgery. Pray his hand

can be saved and complete recovery. Thank you in advance for all

prayers and God's healing touch. Katie Harnage.

Please pray for Shirley Avery, Purnell Highsmiths sister-in-law. She has

a cyst (non cancerous) on her liver almost the size of a grapefruit. She 

is scheduled to have surgery Wednesday morning. Pray all goes well

and her blood pressure stays under control.

Pray for Frances Tucker's daughter Christy. She had a complete 


Mr. A.J. Bristol's funeral is tomorrow at 11 at Lovein Funeral Home.

Visitation is 6-8 tonight.

Judy from Africa did not have his surgery. There was an issue with

his blood.

Remember Johnny Walker's family. He passed away last night after

a battle with cancer.

Also, the family of Robin Turner.  He leaves a wife and 4 year old son.

Pray for Johnny Holbrook's mother Marie. She has returned to

Berrien Nursing Center. Continue to pray for her and family.

Please pray for the boy Judy from Africa. Scheduled to start 

surgery on his heart 9 p.m. our time tonight. Pray for the

surgeons and everyone involved. 

Please pray for Mr. A.J. Bristol's family. He passed away this


Please pray for Robert and Johnny Avery's families. Their father

passed away.


Doug Carter asked that we pray for Cordele Futch. Really needs our


Please continue to pray for my Daddy. He is in a lot of pain with his

foot. Went to orthopedic doctor today and he thinks could be from

bad discs in his back. Tammy

Please pray for Frances Tucker's family. Her father has passed

away. His funeral will be Monday at 4 at Paulk Funeral Home in

Fitzgerald. Visitation is from 2-4.

Pray for Kayla Perkins. She had a seizure and they took her to

Tifton. They sent her home and said didn't see any reason she

should have had the seizure. Pray in Jesus' name there are no more.

Remember Billy Retterbush's family. His daughter died from a seizure.

In her 20's.

Please pray for John Mikulski's son. They had to take him back to 

Atlanta. He had a seizure and wouldn't come out of it.

Judy Rutherford's daddy is doing great. Thanks for


Remember Brenda's aunt, Catherine Rowe. Moved her

to a nursing home in Lake City.  Said she was hollering

help me day and night. X-rayed and nothing is broken.

She has a lot of arthritis. No UTI. Really needs prayer.

Please pray for Pat Gaskins. Could not get her to eat much

today and her sugar is 124. Oxygen normal. Very lethargic

and weak. 

Diane Watson asked that we pray for Annette  Armstrong.

She is in hospital. Had stomach problems but found out her

heart was out of rhythm and said she has pneumonia . Her

heart is back in rhythm. Pray for family also.

Judy's daddy did not go into surgery until around 3.

Just received a text saying he came through surgery

and is in recovery. It is 10:20 p.m. Continue to pray for

his healing. And his family.

Also, little Judy did not have heart surgery. The machine was

not working. Scheduled for tomorrow. Continue to pray

Please pray for Judy Rutherford's daddy this morning.

He is having his heart ablation at 10. Also, the little boy

Judy from Africa is hopefully in the middle of his heart

surgery this morning. 

Please pray for Judy Jernigan. She fell this afternoon

and broke her arm in two places. After getting to

hospital, they found out she has congestive heart


Please pray for Shirley Petty's sister Frances.

Doctors took plate out and put screws back in

her ankle. There is trouble with the ankle

healing. She has trouble breathing and sleeping.

They do not know when she will be able to go home.

Pray for her family. It is tiring them out physically.

Pray for Tanya Foss and her baby boy. Her baby is

running a fever from 102-105 and they cannot

find out why. She is so scared and worried. The

baby wants to be held but she can't hold him 

because  his fever will go higher.  She feels

helpless but we know a God who can help her.

Vicki Shoupe

Please pray for Frances Tucker. She hit a deer

on the way home this afternoon.

Please put Charlie's sister Ruth Hall on prayer chain. She has battled cancer

and was doing good. She fell last night at her house. An MRI showed a brain

bleed.  Another MRI this morning showed a bigger one.

Please pray for Susan Harrelson's grandson Drake. His hemoglobin is 

dangerously low and they are doing tests. He is in Macon.

Please pray for Jimmy Fulp. He has an MRI tomorrow at Shands. Praying for a

good report.

Also, Mrs. Beryl Rowe will have a scan to see how treatments are working.

Again, pray for a good report.

Pray for Tripp Lasseter from Adel. He has been cancer free for 18 months

but now his check up shows two spots. Please be praying for this family.

He is 9.

Please continue to remember Sue Pridgen and family on loss of Kenny.

His funeral is tomorrow at 11 at Lovein Funeral Home.

Praise from Jimmy and Emily Fulp.  Whitney's stress test went great! Doctor has

no explanation but says her heart looks to be in great shape.  They are praising

the Lord and want to thank everyone for your prayers and love you all. 

Kortney Holbrook had surgery yesterday to have a cyst removed. Everything

went well. Pray for her healing.

Please pray for Lasseter family from Adel.  Misti, mother of two elementary age

girls, has possible pancreatic cancer. She has already had extensive surgery to

remove cancer from her abdomen.

Please remember the family of Roy Lowery. He passed away this morning.

He is Gary Hand's uncle.

Please pray for Linda Keffer. Found out yesterday she has uterine cancer.

She goes next Thursday to Mayo Clinic  in Jacksonville for a total

hysterectomy. Mr. Gary is beside himself and she's scared to death. 

Vicki Shoupe

Ansley Webber had her appendix out last night. Had a little fever today. Please

pray for her healing.

Continue to pray for Pat Gaskins. She had some fever and was wheezing bad.

Also, continue to pray for Lucille Hancock.

Pray for Beverly Reed and her family. She is unresponsive and on life support

at Emery.

Wilma Hayes will have a heart cath tomorrow. Please pray for her.

Pray for Cheryl Johnson. She was admitted to Tift Regional. She had shortness

of breath and arm pain earlier today. Keeping her for observation.

Pray for Joe Stanford and his family. He is in last stages of cancer.

Please pray for Emily and Jimmy Fulp's daughter Whitney. She has Chrom's disease.

Today a cardiologist told she her she had probably had a heart attack. She will have

tests run soon (Echo, stress, maybe heart cath). A very painful disease she deals with

every day.

Pray for Lita and Arnold's daughter Misty. She was in an accident but is ok. Remember 

others involved also.

Please continue to remember Robert Dales. His surgery has been moved to Wednesday.

Remember my Aunt Catherine Rowe.  She is in ICU in Thomasville. She has a really bad UTI

and a chronic eye infection.  Also, pray for my Aunt Daisy and her son that has been 

taking care of her. Brenda

Pray for Pat. She was doing good eating and since she doesn't eat enough, her sugar is

running in the 70's. She has had asthma really bad also. For two days she ate and never

got strangled but since Wednesday it has been terrible. Brenda. 

Please pray for Robert Dales.  He has colon cancer. Scheduled for surgery Monday.

Please pray for Carolyn Hogan's sons friend Tony. He has brain cancer.

Please pray for Zenna Corbin. She had a mass removed from her brain and has a 

mass that is spreading in the pancreas. They will attempt to remove it  in a week or two

when they see how she recovers from the brain surgery. A dear friend of Dink's.

Mr Buddy is back at nursing home. Doing much better.

Continue to pray for Beryl Rowe and her family.

Please pray for Buddy Sellars. He is in SGMC with lots of fluid buildup.

Please pray for Sandy Rowan and her family. Her mother passed away on Thursday.

Pray God gives them peace and comfort.

Funeral services for Buck Rowe will be held Monday June 17, 2019 at 11 am in the

Chapel of Lovein Funeral Home with the Rev. Gary James and Rev. Mark Swain officiating.

Interment will follow in Rowetown Cemetery.  Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service.

Please pray for this family.

Please pray for Sandy Rowan as she heads to Florida. Her mother is very weak.

Grace Lindsey's funeral will be today at 2 at Flat Creek. Visitation is one hour before.

Please pray for Al Graham and his family. His wife Paula died suddently yesterday. They had

retired and moved here and joined A'Neway Church. Mike asked we really lift them up in prayer.

Continue to pay for Buck and Beryl and their family. He is being moved to a hospice facility for

14 days. They feel like he will make it through the 14 days and then will be sent to a nursing home.

Continue to pray for Jimmy Sparks. He was planning to go home with a wound vac. They were 

checking our a red spot on his leg.

Please remember the family of Grace Lindsey.  She went home to be with the Lord last night.  Please pray for Debbie and the rest of her family. 

Jimmy' surgery went well. The infection was deep in the muscle. They cut out dead tissue.

He will be in hospital for 3-4 days. ​

Weda Gaskins asked that we pray for a young man named Colby. He had a head on

collision and has a brain bleed. He is in Gainesville.

Barry McMillan's brother Jimmy asked that we pray for his brother in law Johnny.

He is a very Godly man with a wonderful family. He has received a grim diagnosis.

Jimmy requests for everyone that will to pray believing that prayer is powerful.

Pray for Ricky Shoupe. In Tifton with chest pains. Evidence he may have had a heart

attack. Heart cath in the morning.

Pray for Carolyn Tawzer. Kidney function is extremely low.

Please continue to pray for Jimmy Sparks. He will have surgery tomorrow.

Please pray for Virginia Taylor. She has a large brain bleed.

Pray for Jimmy Sparks.  He sent a message and asked the church to pray for him.  He has a serious infection in his leg.  Please pray for him and pray for healing.

Pray for Judy Kelly as she recovers from heart valve surgery.  she is in Albany at Phoebe Putney.

Please pray for Pat Gaskins.  She has been in ICU in Valdosta with high sugar and was dehydrated.  She is better but needs to be able to eat and take her meds.  Please pray she can swallow what she needs to and goes back to nursing home soon.

Please continue to pray for Sandy Rowan's mother.  She is getting weaker.

Dane Perkins wanted us to pray for Caleb Mathews.  He was studying to be a doctor and has found out he has lung cancer in both lungs.  Pray and believe for healing.  We declare,, he shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. Psalm 118:17

Please pray for Grace Lindsey.  She has hasn't been eating for several days and they have stopped all her meds.  Also, please pray for Debbie.  It is so hard to watch your family failing before your eyes.

Please keep my family in Baton Rouge in your prayers.  My aunt and uncle are already having water slowly enter the house.  Thanks, Sarah Bristol

Kortney Holbrook had her CT scan for the cyst and it had great results.  Cyst had not grown and in fact, it was a little smaller.  Continue to pray that it goes away.

Please pray for Vickie Shoupe's co-worker's family.  His sister has end stage colon cancer.  Seems her time is drawing near.  Vicki

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