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He Got Saved!!

HE ACCEPTED CHRIST AS HIS SAVIOUR!! In the last post James told you about the Muslim for whom we have all been praying. PRAISE GOD! He was saved this past Sunday. It was such a blessing and encouragement for all of us. Please continue to pray for him as he begins his journey with Christ. They said at church that we were going to give him a new name; we would no longer call him by his Muslim name.

You all know when I feel the Holy Spirit, I cry. Well this past Sunday I did nothing but cry. James and I have really been struggling. We really felt like we have been fighting a spiritual battle. Sunday it felt like the clouds were breaking, and God was shining through. I want to share a few things with you because you are the tools that God uses to put us here. Without you praying and supporting us, we would not be able to do what we do. Here is an example:

This young man asked James several days for a job. We do not have control over who is a casual worker for the Village of Eden, so James kept refusing him. After several times, James decided he would let him help him, and we would pay him personally. He was a hard worker and is very polite. We found out that he was working to obtain enough money for his school fees. His father pays some, but he is responsible to pay the rest because there are multiple children in the household in school. He was short some of the money by the time school started, so James paid the balance and paid for his lunch.

This past Sunday he came by to read us some Scripture and gave us his testimony. He is in high school, but for the entire time he has been in school, he has never been able to eat lunch. His father could not afford tuition and food, so he would only eat one meal a day - at home at night. He said that this was the first year that he had lunch and dinner.

Your prayers and support have made it possible for this boy to eat lunch, something many of us take for granted. All I could do was cry and hug him. I looked over at James; he was crying too. "THANK YOU" from this young man.

This is the girl who has been trying to teach me the language. She had a baby yesterday, and God allowed me the privilege to be there. Someone who I didn't know showed up to tell me that she was in labor and needed transport to a hospital. So we loaded in the ambulance to get her. When we got to where she was, she was in a back room by herself and crying. I prayed for her, for God to give her peace and remind her that He was in control. We then speeded down a very bumpy dirt road to the hospital. I asked if I could stay, although that meant the driver of the ambulance would leave James and me there. We would have to get a way back.

It wasn't more than two hours before the baby was here. It is a little girl!

After the baby came the mother needed medicine for which she could not pay. We were given some unclear instructions for what to do. After calling for some help, we were put in touch with a doctor who works at the hospital and also works at the Village of Eden Medical Center. She told us what to do. When we arrived at the pharmacy it was closed. We called the doctor who told us of another pharmacy. We walked there, but they did not have the medicine. We called the doctor again, and she told us to get a boda boda and go to a third pharmacy. Hometown Pharmacy, where are you??? So we found a boda boda (a motorcycle taxi) and went to the pharmacy. They had what we needed, and we rode the boda boda back to the hospital. The mama and baby seem healthy, but please pray for them as the baby tries to grow. It is a critical time. We have been helping with food. Many times people will only have potatoes or flour. It is so important to have protein and milk. "THANK YOU" from this young woman.

We had been trying to avoid a boda boda ride, but it actually was smoother than the ambulance ride.

Here is a picture of the very proud JaJa JuJu. JaJa is grandmother.

Two Sundays ago the Village of Eden Church held Tribal Day. It was a day of celebrating the different tribes, and people wore their tribal clothing. James and I wore our plaid shirts to represent our "red neck" tribe. :-) It was also a time to celebrate that although we are different with different backgrounds, we are one in Jesus Christ. Below is one group performing on Tribal Day.

Here are some pictures from Tribal Day:

These are pictures of some children who sat with us in church on Tribal Day. James said the face of the little girl on the right matches the look of my face when I felt something warm running down my leg. She peed on me, and it ran down my leg. I wanted to jump up and run back to the cottage, but I didn't want the mother to be embarrassed, so I just tried to smile. God is good. All the time, and all the time....God is good!

We love and appreciate you all!

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