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Busy Week

It has been a busy week.

On Monday, I was blessed to help with this little guy. He slept in my arms while I worked on the computer.

Wednesday, we headed back to Kampala for our second and final furniture shopping trip. The van was again loaded.

The traffic in Kampala was worse than I remember. We sat in traffic for over an hour. Before we arrived in Kampala, there had been a downpour. Water was over the roads in many places causing traffic jams.

Below are some pictures of the furniture stores. They place the furniture along the side of the street. When you walk along the street, you are bombarded with people trying to get you to purchase what they have for sale. They have great customer service. They will take your purchase to the van, which may be down the street a ways. They will also help you get it tied to the top.

We are thankful to have been able to purchase all that we need. We are thankful for God's provision through many of you; we are thankful for your prayers, and we are thankful that this process of purchasing furniture is over. Furniture shopping is exhausting.

This is a picture of a meat market just past the furniture market. You can see the meat in the window.

When we arrived back at the Village of Eden, James was trying to put a bicycle together. You can see his little helpers.

Later this week, he and Mr. Matthews were trying to build some items for the preschool class. Before they finished there were six boys trying to help.

Saturday was Esangalo, my favorite part of the week. It is such a blessing to serve these little children. I know I say it often, but many little children bring their smaller brothers and sisters. They try to tote them on their back and tote plates and cups. When you help them, they have this look of thankfulness on their face that just blesses your heart.

Jonathon had sent some shoes with us to give to someone. I have been looking for big feet to fit the shoes. At Esangalo today, we found the perfect feet to fit the shoes. We were so happy and so was the recipient of the shoes.

After Esangalo, we tried to put the house in order. We hope to have it all set up soon.

The church was full today. About half of the congregation is youth. This is a picture of the young children; it does not include the teenagers and the babies.

This was my praise partner at church today. There was a song where you had to high five a partner. You all know how James really gets into that sort of stuff, so I needed a partner.

Sunday after church we traveled with some other missionaries to Lake Victoria for an afternoon of relaxation.

It was a very nice treat. We ate a picnic lunch and relaxed by the beach for a while. We are back at the cottage now getting ready for next week. James will continue building items for the preschool class, and I will be in accounting where we have visitors this week.

Hope your week is blessed!

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