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December 9, 2017

Monday - This has been an interesting week. On Monday, the auditors stayed until after dark. We rode our bicycles back to the cottage in the dark. I never realized how dark it was in the Village of Eden after dark. Usually we are in our cottage, not moving around. James said we were taking a romantic moonlight ride. I told him if he ever decided to plan something romantic, that a moonlight ride was not the thing. Then he said, "What is that?" Of course you cannot see anything. It turns out that it was a dog crossing the roadway.

Tuesday - We traveled to Jinja to get building materials. We actually found a store that had most of the things we needed in one stop. That was the closest thing to Morrison Home Center we have found. We were excited. We had to go to a furniture building shop to get 2 x 4's however. They had big boards that they would cut and plane. James ordered what he wanted and we had to do other shopping and come back for the cut boards. When we told them we wanted to put them on top of the van, they looked confused. They said, "You want to put up there?" Then while they were loading the wood on the van, they brought out a dining room table top and tied it to a Boda Boda (motorcyle) like it was every day stuff. We just laughed.

Also on Tuesday - We stopped at a Java Cafe to eat. While there we saw some American soldiers. It was a welcome sight. It made us think of our son, Jonathon. We hope someday, our boys will be able to come and visit Uganda. I know their hearts would be touched as ours have been.

Wednesday - I had a stomach bug on Wednesday. It had started on Tuesday, but today was the worst. We are careful, but sometimes you do not know what you are exposed to. By Thursday morning I was much better. Prayer works.

Thursday - James and Mr Matthews have been busy building items for the school and building partitions for storage. They had ordered a metal frame to use to build a screen door, and it came in on Thursday.

Friday - Today was the last day of the school term, and an awards program was held. Many of you remember little Joel from the Children's Choir in 2016. This is a video of "little" Joel giving a speech at the program today. Please make sure Sue Ash gets to see the video; she is so in love with Joel.

Isn't this a beautiful face? This is a miracle of God; I was so glad to see her. This is a little girl who was malnourished when we were here in April and May. Look at her! She is so cute! She has grown so much since we last saw her. She was a little shy when I started trying to play with her, but she finally would smile and play back. This was a true blessing.

Saturday - Today is Esangalo. We are drinking coffee and getting ready for our favorite day of the week. This afternoon a young lady is coming to tutor me in the Lugandan language. Pray that my mind can absorb it.

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