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A Blessed Week

It doesn't really feel like Christmas when it is 90 degrees, but there has been a lot of Christmas around.

There is a lady who comes each week to do laundry. We learned last time we were here that it is a blessing to families to have jobs to do. It is also an opportunity to minister to them. This lady has a younger sister which comes and a little boy. I enjoy playing with the children. The little girl is so sweet.

The last time I was in Kampala I saw a cheap doll and cars. I thought of these children. It cost less than $10 to buy the toys, and this week I had the opportunity to give the gifts to the children. The looks on their faces... They played and played with the toys while the lady worked. It was like Christmas morning.

On Thursday we were asked to drive the Ambulance back from the Medical Center to the cottages. OH HAPPY DAY! It has Air Conditioning!!!!

We drove really slow. :-)

On Friday there was a Christmas party for the employees. They roasted a whole goat. We had rice, potatoes, potoke (mashed bananas), cabbage, and watermelon. These are some pictures of the lunch.

After lunch there were games, awards, praise and worship, and the Gospel was shared with everyone there. This lady was chosen to participate in the first game. There were two ladies; they put 12 bananas in front of them. The first to finish all twelve bananas was the winner. The look on her face when she saw the bananas was so funny. But SHE WON!

Saturday was Esangalo. I also had another Language lesson. It is such a blessing to get to visit and talk to this young woman. I pray the time we spend together is somehow a blessing to her. I realized this week that I know more words than I thought. Maybe it is finally sinking in.

Today in church we had plenty of visitors. This is a joy to us.

Hope you had a Blessed Week!

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