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Happy New Year!

The last week of 2017 has been very interesting. One day this week we were making lunch and heard a loud crash of breaking glass from another cottage. We went to the door to see what was going on and were just in time to see one of the milk cows coming out of another cottage. When we told the missionary that a cow had been in his cottage, he ran to see what had happened. The cow had pushed a jar of mayonnaise onto the floor. Arafat, one of the students who lives in the village, told the missionary that the cow had come to visit, but he was not home. He was laughing the entire time.

The same day James retrofitted Arafat's bicycle. You just have to see the pictures. He was so proud of his fan, and the Georgia Hall County tag on the back.

The rest of our week was spent babysitting Anna, one of the triplets of which we have told you. It was such a joy; she is so sweet. Jaja (grandmother) and Cooka (grandfather) had a wonderful time. It has been 25 years since we had a little one that age to care for.

We will have church service again tomorrow for New Year's Day.

The choir children have moved into the Village of Eden to get ready for their trip to America. They will be performing for us next Sunday, and we will have special prayer for them as they will be missionaries as they sing and proclaim the Gospel. Please join us in praying for them. Get ready! Here they come!

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