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Busy, Busy

The new year has started, and it has already been very busy. There are many plans for the Village of Eden in the new year, and we are in full swing. It is a joy to hear the stories from our fellow missionaries of things that God is doing in their areas. We have been so busy with accounting and repairs that we did not feel very involved in the spiritual ministry, but God showed us this week how He was using us.

I have been trying to learn the local language, and there are many opportunities to share and minister to the young lady who has been my tutor. James has had a young boy following him around assisting with repairs. We have invited these young people into our home to share lunch and prayer. We seemingly have just been living our lives, but God has been working. I had the opportunity to talk with a pastor's wife last week. She shared with me that it is a blessing to see people "our age" together. She said that most of the time the man is one place while the woman is another, or there is another wife. She said that people are noticing how we work together and spend time together. This really blessed our hearts because this was the thing that God showed us earlier this year that He wanted to use.

We desire your prayers as we will begin working in a couple of ministry areas in the coming weeks.

The choir has left for the United States. They practiced on stage last Saturday, performed at the church on Sunday, and left for their tour on Thursday. Please pray for them as they perform and share the Gospel. I hope you get the chance to see them. You can check out the schedule here:

Below are some videos of the choir:

Today we went with Dr. Brenda to visit a bush church. After church we were invited to the pastor's house for lunch and fellowship. The family gave Dr. Brenda a live chicken and matoke. The tie on the legs of the chicken had come off by the time we arrived at the Village of Eden, so James was voted to get the chicken out of the trunk of the car. He was scratched in the process.

This is a short video of our drive to the church. It was shot through the car window that would not roll down. The second video is of the children entering the church when we arrived.

This is a video of the children singing for us. The churches always put their guests at the front of the church facing the audience, so this is our view.

James installed a screen door for us. Now there aren't as many mosquitoes in the cottage.

These are some children from the bush church today.

Everyone wanted in the picture at the pastor's house. Maybe you can see the chicken in this picture. Dr. Brenda offered the chicken to us, but we declined. Kampala and Jinja now sell chicken in the package. We prefer that to killing and plucking.

This is a picture of the cows roaming around. The one on the left is the one which we saw coming out of one of the cottages a couple of weeks ago.

We were at the medical center late again one night this week. This is a picture or our "romantic" no moonlight ride back to the cottage.

While we were waiting for the medical center to close, this little girl kept smiling at us. I asked if I could take her picture, and we were photo bombed.

This is a handmade broom. They use these to sweep dirt floors, yards, and roads.

This is a treat.

The closest thing to a KitKat bar we have found. Not as good, but it is chocolate. :-)

Thank you for your continued prayers. We love and appreciate you all so much.

Please pray for our son, Jonathon, as he is on a six month deployment.

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