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Rainy Season

Rainy season has begun. It has rained every day for the last few days, and today it rained all day. This makes for a VERY cold shower. No sun has shined on the water tank all day, so the water is extremely cold. Most Ugandans are walking around in thick jackets and sweaters. This is before church this morning.

We have been working with the Tween residents on Thursday nights. It has been a pleasure. We have been studying Moses, playing games, singing songs, and eating snacks. James and I have had a great time, and the children seem to be having fun. Here are some pictures of the class.

A few weeks ago we went to Kampala, hoping to get our Visas and transfer the title to the car. We were able to get our Visas, but did not accomplish the title transfer. Although we were unable to transfer the title, we had a wonderful time. God allowed us to get to know these two couples.

The couple on the left is the driver who drove us to Kampala, Robert, and his wife, Olivia. The couple on the right is Samuel, who stayed at our house in 2016 when the children's choir came to Flat Creek, and his wife, Joann. We enjoyed the time we spent with them.

Below are Samuel and Joann's precious children. We were able to meet and spend time with them also.

We have had our first boo boo. James was slicing some carrots and sliced his thumb. We had to go to the medical center because it would not stop bleeding. It happened about two weeks ago, but it is almost completely healed now. Praise God!

We went to check on the baby, and these are some of the neighborhood children who gathered to watch us.

This is a picture of us with the mother. This is actually from the week before the baby was born. We were told that the baby had been born, so we loaded in the car to go see the baby.

Meet Kwagala Daniella Grace.

Here we are, doing what we love the most: loving on the children.

We have had some fun adventures. Last week we went to Mbale to get a driving permit. We were told that we only had to recognize some road signs, pay a fee, and receive a driving permit. When we arrived to the place to recognize the road signs, we found out that we had to drive through an obstacle course. We were taken to Mbale in the Helping Hands Prado, so that was the vehicle we were driving. It is a manual with the shift on the left of the steering wheel and also 3 times as large as our vehicle.

While trying to parallel park, James backed into the cone twice. The instructor says, "Judy, come!" He walks up to the Prado and says in a frustrated voice, "James, you hit the cone twice! Why? Get out! Get out!" We then explain to him that the vehicle we will be driving is much smaller than this one, so he makes me pay another guy to let me use his car to take the test. I, of course, aced the test. ;-)

While we were waiting to receive our driving permit, our driver told James that the instructor told another guy, while I was driving in the obstacle course, to watch me because I was doing it correctly. LOL!! James has not and will not hear the end of this. Too funny!

This week was another adventure. On Friday we had need to go to the farm. It was raining, and we had to park the car at a point and walk the rest of the way. Because we were getting wet, James says, "We won't need a bath tonight." About that time he slipped and fell in a mud puddle. He was holding my hand, so.... We both needed a bath after that. He says I pushed him, but that is not true. When we headed back to the car, James could not find the key. We looked in the car, but the key was not in there. Guess where we found the key. In the puddle!

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