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I was reminded once again today just how blessed we are. We have taken so many things for granted in our lifetime. How many of us have been to KFC and eaten half a drumstick and that is all? I ask because today we had two young men in our home for Sunday dinner. We made oven baked vegetables, fried potatoes (they call them chips), and fried chicken. We fried some chicken legs and cut breast fillets into strips. When we offered one of the young men some chicken, he said, "Can I have this one?" He was talking about one of the chicken legs. I said, "Yes." He said, "I can have all of it?" I said, "Yes." He ended up eating two, and we sent the last one with him for later. Chicken is a special treat eaten mostly on holidays. He couldn't believe he could have a whole chicken leg. Praise God, today he had three.

The other young man lives on his own. He is still in school and has to provide for himself. We have been trying to help him. I asked him what he cooks. He said most of the time he is tired, so he just cooks posho (a flour mixture) or Irish (potatoes). Again no meat.

We take many things for granted. Our children never had to want for food or clothes. They may not have had all their wants, but they certainly had all their needs. We take so much for granted. We never realize how blessed we are until we see the struggles of others.

Daniella is two months old now and weighs 10 pounds. She is pushing with her legs to stand and can hold up her head. God is good. Please keep praying that she will continue to grow. Also pray for her mother. She is going to attempt to complete high school. This will be a challenge; pray God gives her the determination and strength. She has made some mistakes, but we thank God that He is a God full of mercy and grace.

This is a young boy who is in our Thursday night Tween Bible Study. He wanted me to take his picture while eating a mango. The mangos are not yet ripe, but they eat them anyway.

This is the multitude of children who came to choir practice on Saturday. It is very difficult to manage this many children at once, but the young man who has been working with them does a great job and is so patient.

These children like the food at Esangalo so much they carried some with them (on their faces).

I know I have talked about it many times, but I never get used to these little girls toting their brothers and sisters on their backs. This little girl just put down her sister from her back. The sister is almost as big as she is, but she has brought her to Esangalo and has taken care of her for around 3 hours.

And here is my new buddy, Anna, helping me to read my Bible app at Bible study this past Wednesday. I have kept her a few times, and she has now decided I am her friend. I love her hugs, and I love it when she calls me Jewey. So sweet. God has a wonderful way of loving me through this little girl.

We will be traveling to Kampala in a couple of weeks. I will be speaking at a women's conference. Samuel, who traveled with the Children's Choir in 2016, lives in Kampala. His wife has asked me to speak at their church. Please pray for protection on the trip and that God will speak through me and that His message will touch hearts and lives.

Thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet in Uganda. We appreciate so much your prayers and support. We still have the antibodies for Typhoid in our blood, so the test is remaining positive. We are much much better. Praise God! We love you all.

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