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We arrived safely back at the Village of Eden on Thursday. This children's choir was on the way home from their tour in California. Our flight from Amsterdam to Uganda stops in Kigali, Rwanda, and we have to stay in the plane for close to an hour. They performed for us. Sorry that it is sideways.

On our drive home we were stopped by the traffic police (not unusual). Our car is small, so we had our seats folded down with our luggage in the back seat. The officer said our insurance was for four passengers only and we had bags where the passengers were supposed to be. We were trying to understand what we had done wrong, but she did not explain well. She kept saying, what shall we do? If I write you a ticket, I will hold your license and you will have to go to the bank to pay the fine. But you could give me the money, and I will pay it for you. I told her to write the ticket, and I would go to the bank to pay it. When she handed me the ticket, it said that we were hauling bags for hire or reward. I tried to explain to her that these were our bags, but she just walked away.

Before we left for America, I did a devotion at the medical center on integrity. Doing the RIGHT thing is not always the EASY thing. We paid money that I really didn't owe. It took us about an hour and a half to go back to the bank, pay the fine, and return to retrieve my license. I was not happy with it. The easy thing would have been to pay a bribe and go on my way. But she received no money that day, and I had a clear conscience that evening and a receipt. If you don't have a receipt, they can try to charge you later.

We enjoyed being home and getting to see our friends and family. Because of Hurricane Michael, we did not get to everyone we had hoped to see. Also our truck had transmission issues while we were home. We thank God for friends who helped us out in this situation. We love you all!

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