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Merry Christmas

A special memory of Christmas when I was a child is the year my family was struggling financially. Someone brought us bags of toys and food on Christmas Eve. That night there were many tears of joy, excitement, and thankfulness in our house.  Because of that Christmas, I have loved to find someone at Christmas to bless.

This year we had a group of ladies give us dresses, shorts, baby blankets, and baby socks to give. We also had a gentleman from our church to give us Bibles, and some family members made hats. We decided we would drive around on Christmas Eve and hand out these items.

What a Blessing!  Here are a few pictures, not all. 

The picture with the adults is Judy's family. Judy is a heart patient awaiting surgery.  He is the one in the blue plaid shirt.  We are waiting for a date for surgery.  All the tests have been completed, and the procedures have been determined.  We are a little less than $1,000 short for the surgery.  Please pray for him and his family.  If God places it on your heart to help complete the costs for his surgery, please visit  Make a general donation with a description of Judy Heart Surgery.  Your donation will be tax deductible.   Donations of any amount is helpful and appreciated.

We appreciate the people who make blessings possible.  We love you and appreciate all your prayers. 


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