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Extra Mile

From James:

As Judy and I were walking, we saw one of the drivers that I work with. He asked how was our day. We told him that it was busy with normal stuff then we asked what his day was like. He told us of a child that he had transported to a hospital with his aunt to take care of the child while he was there.

The little boy has HIV and TB along with other things. While he was at the hospital, he asked a lady there to help the aunt with the boy. The next day he called to check on the boy, and the aunt had left, so the lady was caring for the boy. Then he called the uncle to send another caregiver; the uncle said he was sending someone. Later he called again and the caregiver is still not there, but the lady was there. She said not to worry; she said she is taking care of the boy.

The driver told us that he thanks God for the lady because she was just someone at the hospital with another patient. None of the calls or helping that child is in his job description.

Another driver called us as he was transporting a child to the hospital. He had stopped because the child was in bad shape. We told him we would pray and call others to pray as well. Before long he called back and they were on their way again. He said he had prayed for the boy, and the boy was now better.

For me it is good to work with these men that will do extra and not complain. To them it is not just a job, but a way to serve God and help others. There are other things that they do like long hours, help with teams, and keep us out of areas that are unsafe. None of that is in their job description.

Praise God for these men.

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